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Get it Done Right the First Time

For more than 20 years, we have provided excellent customer service with  homeowners ,strata's, commercial and many businesses.Don’t gamble with inexperienced and uninsured company's  that may cause damage to your home. Work with expert professionals that guarantee efficient and affordable results.





Bring Back the

New-House Wow

Hit the refresh button and see how everything comes back to you with even more value. View every home and business property improvement as a clever way of ensuring long-term viability for any kind of realty investment you make in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Renovate, Restore, and Repaint for Greater Value

You win both ways whenever you do. Appraisal values skyrocket and you also get to bask in the renewed comfort and style you last encountered the first time you moved in. Keep all this in mind always. Likewise, rely on our renovation, restoration, and painting teams at Rain City Paint.

Home/Store/Office Painting

Residential/Commercial Restoration

Roofing and Carpentry

Should I  hire a general CONTRACTOR ,or use multiple                               SUB CONTRACTORS?

It may seem more economical to hire several subcontractors rather than one general contractor for your building projects.Some places require hiring a general contractor for certain projects.Even if this isn’t your case,it often makes sense for homeowners to hire a professional ,licensed ,and insured general contractor for certain projects.A general contractor will know the ins and outs of the business ,and will work with professionals whom they trust to get the work done efficiently ,safely and on time.

General contractors know that their business can be made or broken on their reputation.They will work hard to get your project done and on time,orchestrating the work of subcontractors so the whole project turns out just as planned.While it may be tempting to skip hiring a general contractor in favour of hiring many subcontractors for lesser initial cost,  you may end up spending more in the long run in addition to the time and headache involved in coordinating the work of subcontractors.Hiring a general contractor you can work closely with throughout a project can help you avoid potentially costly-and maybe even dangerous-miscommunication down the road.